PewDiePie: Legend of Brofist for PC – Free Download

PewDiePie has taken his legacy forward from YouTube in the form of a mobile game – Legend of Brofist. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellber, the millionaire online celebrity, who is as much popular and as he his popular and he has decided to cash onto this popularity in the form of the game – Legend of Brofist. PewDiePie has over 40 million fans in YouTube and he calls his fans his “Bros”. It is the origin of the name of the game Brofist. The game is developed by Outerminds studio based in Montreal. It is a simple game with a simple structure and storyline.


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The game has the character of PewDiePie moving through various adventurous terrains and dodging barrels that are used to attack him. Every level of the game has different levels of difficulties and the gamers can determine the level to play. There are cows that explode and duck. These obstruct the path of PewDiePie who crosses each level and moves onto the next level. The game has a very simple and yet effective look and feel to it. The graphics are good and so is the sound. The character of PewDiePie looks very similar to its real world counterpart.

The game settings are easy to manage. The interface of the game has a virtual joystick that is pretty accurate and highly responsive. Despite the virtual joystick, it can be controlled well and has a high level of accuracy. Users can easily use it to operate the functioning of the game and the character. Even those who are not ardent fan of the man cannot deny that the game is a good way to spend some time and is indeed addictive in nature. The difficulty level changes with the change of level and each level poses a new and difficult challenge to the gamers.

The game is currently available for Android and iOS platforms. Users at the moment can play this game on their Android enabled devices or iPhones or iPads. However, those using a Windows personal computer can also play this game by following an easy process.


Playing PewDiePie: Legend of Brofist on PC:

Download Bluestacks and install it on your Windows PC. Bluestacks is the most popular Android emulator. Once it has been installed, just download the APK file of PewDiePie: Legend of Brofist. Execute the APK file of the game on your PC and this will install the game on the computer.

Now you just need to run Bluestacks and through it access the game. This is all that you have to do. The game is accessible to you on the larger screen of your PC. You can enjoy playing the game on the big screen. But before you install the game or even Bluestacks, check if your PC has sufficient system resources to support these applications. The PC must have sufficient RAM, hard disk space and a processor that is good enough to support this game. With these resources in place, there is no stopping you from enjoying the game on your PC.

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