Bouncy Speed for Mac – Download For Free

Bouncy Speed game is very interesting and the little seed friends helps to bounce within the journey and avoid the rivers. The gamers can slide the finger for drawing the trampoline and helps in flying through the sky and collect the power sunlight points. It keeps on hitting rainbows and angry birds which enables new speed and heights and also, collection of double sunlight points and growth of little seeds. It is a fast paced scrolling doodle jumping game with rainbows and also, consists of drawing the trampoline for the bouncing seeds. The large trampoline indicates weak bounces and the user need to collect maximum number of sunlight points to avoid the dynamites which causes straight fall down. In addition, there are some power-ups which provides the seed power boost on temporary basis. The flying birds also carries shield which allows the user to pass through the dynamite unharmed and reach in excellent speed. The face animations in the game is excellent and also, there are various changing wind other than dynamites which engages the user in game. The game has endless stages with various seasons and it continues until the user fails to bounce the seed and fall straight on ground. The music and graphics are excellent and perfect for the game.


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  • New game with originality
  • Simple to play
  • Creation of own rainbow in sky
  • Various stages for better experiences
  • New and beautiful graphics
  • Newly added balloon item
  • Achievement of leaderboards
  • Plentiful items in game store

Publisher’s Description

Bouncy Seed is a very funny game with power and it is enormously fast. The game play is very enjoyable with clean user interface. It always has new puzzles and do not let gamers get bored. The gamers can step out on the journey by breaking the seeds and collecting power points. More points helps in overcoming the difficulties and let the gamer explore beautiful sceneries and seasons in game with sunlight points. It is a great gaming experience for users who like puzzle games. 

Bottom Line

The game brings a fairy story world for the user and allows to slide the finger for shooting the tiny bats with the use of slingshots and protect the wood elves. The game is very enjoyable and it is one of the most worthy puzzle playing game. The bubbles need to be blasted to ascertain the new puzzle challenges and explore the game with fun experiences.

Change Log

The recent version has added new balloon items, added support of iPhone 5, new user interface and also, fixed some minor bugs.

Installation of Bouncy Seed for Mac

Bouncy seed can be installed on Mac with the help of Bluestacks. The user need to download Bluestacks on prior basis. And later, Bouncy speed for Mac can be searched in search box of Bluestacks. It will display the results and user need to tap the button for installation. After completion of installation process, the game can be opened from downloads of Bluestacks and can be enjoyed on Mac.

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