Download SnapChat For Mac

Snapchat is a fantastic application for sending pictures, videos to family and friends which can be viewed for maximum 10 seconds. It ensures that the receiver can only view the picture and cannot save it. It has become extremely popular application for exchanging user generated texts, photos, videos and live video chat as well. It is claimed by the developer that snaps cannot be saved in this application and disappears from the device of recipient in 1 to 10 seconds. The application also notifies the sender if receiver takes screenshot of picture. It is a very safe chatting application and have various in-app purchases. Snapchat has gained positive reputation as sexting application as many teens are using it for sending silly pictures and exchange of fun. In addition, Discover feature is also available which enables user to collect different content from CNN, Warner music, Cosmopolitan, Vice etc. The content of Discover gets disappeared after 24 hours.


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  • The idea of this application is very interesting and gives a fun twist as compared to other conventional social media and chat applications.
  • The feature of disappearance of photos is exceptional in this chat application and sharing photos is now more safe and secure.
  • It is also a great fun application.
  • User interface of application is intuitive and it is very streamlined. It provides easy access of features for users without any distractions.
  • It also allows customization of messages in different ways.


The disadvantage of this application is that the user can only send Snapchat messages to users. The users need to have Snapchat account otherwise this application cannot be used. It requires lot of active users of application. The application provides straight invitation of application to non-users but all users may not register.

Publisher’s Description

Snapchat is a totally exceptional way of sharing photos, videos and stories on the application. Snap the photo, add caption and send it to anyone immediately. The receiver will view, enjoy and snap will disappear from the screen unless screenshot is taken. The user can also share with other friends by adding Snapchat story and it appears till 24 hours and then, disappears from screen. The experience of users for this application is excellent. The images might be silly and grainy and the main idea of application is to make connections, click random pictures and not only about taking perfect pictures. It establishes a connection between friends. The fleeting message reminds the user about beauty of friendship and enables the users to be in touch.

Change Log

The new version includes replies to Snapchat story, improved lenses. It has also added rewind filter after recording the video. Minor bugs are also fixed in the application

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How To Install on Mac

The application can be installed on Mac by following easy installation steps.

  • Download and install Bluestacks.
  • Open Bluestacks and search for Snapchat in navigation search box.
  • After the application name appears on screen, tap on it.
  • After completion of download process, open the application from download section.
  • Now, access the application on Mac.

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