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Camera360 is a very popular application as it provides unique features for photos management field. It is one of the leading photos management applications and launched in 2011. The main features of application are exceptional photo effects and filters for customized photos and better management. The application is used by millions of users worldwide. The application also allows easy sharing of pictures on multiple social media sites. This application is used very frequently by most of the users because of great offerings and utilities.

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  • Camera360 has wide variety of quality cameras for the purpose of managing photos effectively. The photos are managed according to preferences of users. It has unique camera store in which photos can be liked and disliked. The photos can be added or deleted easily from camera store
  • The photo effects are main feature of this application as it has amazing effects with easy implementation. The chosen effects can be added, managed and stored. The editing of photos is quite convenient with this application.
  • The photo album of Camera 360 is very user friendly. The arrangement of photos can be done in organized manner for easy searching process. The application also allows browsing multiple photos by navigating the albums.
  • The integration of photos can also be done with cloud services. The application is well supported with cloud sharing services. The user can easily synchronize the photos in upload settings of Cloud platform. It also allows searching and utilizing the photos on different devices.
  • The application allows adding extra effects to photos. And photos can also be edited easily. Moreover, multiple effects can be applied to single photo.
  • Sharing of photos can be done easily directly from the application. Camera360 is connected to multiple social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Publisher’s Description

Camera 360 is an excellent application for editing, managing and sharing photos in easy manner. It enables various graphics and visuals to photos. The features of editing, filters and accessibility add to the utility of application. The advanced settings and adjustments are also available for better photos management. Overall, the application provides enhanced editing, management and sharing features with better accessibility of photos. It is a great experience for users.

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Change Log

The new version of application has fixed minor bugs and also includes performance and speed improvements. This version also includes thumbnail preview, smooth editing process and better photo search options.

How To Install Camera 360 on Mac

Camera 360 can easily be used on Mac with the help of emulator. The user can download and install Bluestacks on system. Further steps of installing Camera360 are as follows:

  1. Search for Camera360 application in the navigation search box of Bluestacks.
  2. Tap the application name and it will start downloading in system.
  3. After the download process is completed, look for application in download section of Bluestacks.
  4. Open the application in Mac.

Now, Camera360 can be directly accessed through Mac.

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