Download Pokemon Go For PC – Free

Today’s games are no more limited to sitting behind the screen and play, they have gotten to the next level. Augmented reality games are now new talk as the category has just got started with the entry of Pokemon Go, which is quite a viral game now. Well, that’s not the only remarkable thing about the game, as here are pokemons too. The game is all about Pokémon’s and the trainers. To get started with the game, you need to have an Android or iOS device.


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About Game:

Pokemon Go is developed by Niantic Inc, formed by former Google Employee; the game has been developed in association with some other developers too including the Pokemon company. The game is built in close proximity to the animated Pokemon series. The game has almost all the Pokemon, as can be seen in the series. The most amazing part is catching the Pokemon, where you have to actually roam around the place to catch those cute looking Pokemon. There are following things you need to know about:

Pokemon: It’s just Pokemon and Pokemon, you have to catch them, as more as possible; moreover catching the same kind of Pokemon will also let you survive. Also, you actually need to catch the same Pokemon more often to make them evolve. For the evolution of a Pokemon to its further kind, you need balls, specific for only one Pokemon type and its successors. You will earn three such balls for every Pokemon you caught. For evolution, you need such balls from few to hundreds. So catch more and evolve fast. Also, you can transfer these to the professor, to earn one ball.

Poker stops: Poker stops are locations where you can find freebies, such as poke balls, Pokemon, and special items. Pokeballs are quite crucial things in the game, as they exhaust real quick. So, if you too have lost all of them, then walk into a poke stop and get some poke balls free. Usually, you can have almost three poke balls from a poke stop at once. Besides this, there are some special items too which you get, such as incense, revive etc.


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Gyms: If you are thinking you have had enough with the game, think again as there is more to. You can also fight with other Pokemon, at gyms. Gyms are places where you can find the trainers and have combat with them, of course using Pokemon. It’s more of a community; not for social gatherings, but for combats.

How To Run on PC?

To run this game on your PC, you need an Android emulator. Follow steps below to install this game on your PC:

  1. Download Nox App Player.
  2. Install it.
  3. Search for ‘Pokemon Go’ in play store and install it.

Note that the game is not available in some regions, so go with the APK of the game. Once installed, get some GPS faker application too and install in on Nox App Player. You will need this to fake your current location on the map, to be able to play this game without physically moving anywhere.

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