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TeamViewer GMV was founded in 2005 in Uhingen Germany. Later on in 2014, a firm based in UK obtained TeamViewer from the software developer based in North Carolina known as GFI software. It is a very popular proprietary software which is largely used for sharing of files across computers and also functions as a remote control, to maintain web conferences and helping in file transfers between computers. It is also used for conducting online meetings. It also aids in communication by using VoIP or video or the chat function.  Not only is it extremely accessible and user friendly but it is also very powerful.



  1. It helps in sharing of the desktop to other computers, even other platforms apart from windows such as MAC OS, Linux, etc.
  2. It helps with meetings, presentations and other official work.
  3. It helps you in connecting with the computer you left behind at home while you are away and still get access to all the documents that you created and all your saved work. It also provides you with the facility to download saved images on your home computer and view as well edit and make necessary changes to them.
  4. It works wonderfully in administering Windows workstations and servers. TeamViewer is such a powerful software that it can be viewed or run as a windows system service. This provides you with the prowess of having complete access to your complete computer system before the actual process of logging in is done.
  5. It gives a ad-hoc support, helping all your colleagues, friends and even other customers.
  6. It works really well in working fine despite the presence of firewalls, NAT routers without stopping at the hindrance of proxies of whatever configuration.

TeamViewer can work both as a windows service as well as a windows application:

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While you are setting up your windows services you can install your TeamViewer then, or you can do it later via options. However there are several differences between installing it as a windows service as opposed to a windows application-

As a Windows Application:

  • TeamViewer must be manually manoeuvred from the start option to gain access and use it as a remote control session or to use it during a meeting
  • Upon the closing the tab or window featuring Team Viewer, it will lose complete accessibility to your computer.
  • TeamViewer will provide and ask for a new password to be set up every time it is started. This becomes a hassle as much accessibility and permanent control over the computer is substantially lost

As a Windows System Service:

  • TeamViewer starts as soon as you switch on your Windows.
  • TeamViewer will remain active as long as your computer remains switched on.
  • The accessibility and availability of your computer increases significantly as soon as you log into your computer or turn it on, even before it is fully turned on. Thus you remain logged in even before the windows log in and as long as your computer is not in the idle or standby mode, it remains accessible via TeamViewer.

Not only can you have complete accessibility to your computer but you can also set up outgoing connections to other computers.

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