Xiaomi is synonymous with mobile phones with excellent quality/price. However, they have a lot of devices that are practically the same and this means that sometimes we know very well the advantages of one or the other. We want to put some order and help you know the differences between the different Xiaomi mid-range smartphones.

A review of the Xiaomi catalog and its mess of names to help choose the mobile that best suits the needs of each user. Always taking into account a factor as important as the price. For this, here we bring you a new purchase and comparison guide with the best Xiaomi phones that we can buy. From the cheapest Redmi to the Mi A1. We have tried the most popular models and we explain our experience, comparing what they offer us and what is the most recommended Xiaomi.

Our Recommendation On The Best Xiaomi Mobile Phone – Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus

The best Xiaomi mobile phoneThe Redmi 5 Plus is the best Xiaomi mobile in quality/price. We are facing a very balanced Android smartphone and offers everything we can ask for a cheap mobile. First of all it stands out for its 5.99-inch screen with FullHD + resolution and 18:9 format. A generous size, a manageable body with good feelings and a high-quality panel. The Chinese manufacturer gives us a big surprise with high-level components at scandal prices and the Redmi 5 Plus is one of its best representatives.

Xiaomi offers us a unibody aluminum body with a very balanced weight. More considering that it incorporates a large 4000 mAh battery. An amount that moves day by day in one of the best autonomies with almost two days and that is always appreciated.

Inside we find a processor that is repeated in other models. But is the most economical to offer the Snapdragon 625. Next, to it we have options of 3 and 4 GB of RAM. In addition to 32GB and 64GB of storage. Everything is said if you are looking for the best quality/price we recommend the basic model. Where the minimum of memory and space we believe necessary for a good mobile is met.

Redmi 5 Plus the best Xiaomi

The Redmi 5 Plus has everything we can look for in a mobile phone: good screen, manageable design, power, solvent camera and a huge battery. All for a price that does not exceed 150 euros.

The photographic section is another of its strengths. With a 12 megapixel rear camera that despite not being accompanied by a secondary lens. Offers images with a high level of detail and accurate colors. A section where in our comparison Redmi 5 Plus distances itself from other models that are not much cheaper either.

Currently, it does not have Android 8.0 Oreo but MIUI 9.5 Global. In spite of this, in a few months, you will receive the update. And you will have an even more argument in your favor. The Redmi 5 Plus is a mobile that perfectly represents what Xiaomi offers: good components, more than enough performance for day to day. An excellent camera for its level and a battery even above much more expensive phones. Undoubtedly a quality/price ratio difficult to overcome. You can buy the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus for 142 euro in Gearbest (global edition) or 166.80 euro in Amazon (Spanish edition).

Alternative: Xiaomi Mi A1

Xiaomi Mi A1The Xiaomi Mi A1 is a best seller and for many reasons. We are facing a different Xiaomi mobile. And although you will soon receive a second version. It is still a highly recommended option. It is a thin, elegant, resistant and very comfortable smartphone in hand. Despite not incorporating a panel in 18:9 format has a more than enough size and also its screen is among the best.

But if there is a point that justifies his choice is clearly Android One. Unlike all Redmi, the Xiaomi Mi A1 bet to offer pure Android. Without modifications and that for day to day is greatly appreciated as we gain in fluency, stability and have the latest news from Google. Inside we also find a combination of Snapdragon 625 plus 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. So the Mi A1 is an option to consider those who want to play or save a lot of information.

The Mi A1 is next to the Redmi Note 5, the only Xiaomi to offer a double camera under two hundred euros. The results are excellent, with a high level of detail, very correct colors and a first level blur that has not suffered in front of its competitors. If you are looking for a fast and reliable mobile, you value to have 64GB, USB type C and want the latest Android. The My A1 is a different option in the Xiaomi catalog, but just as recommended. You can buy the Xiaomi Mi A1 for 182 euro.

How to choose a good Xiaomi mobile

Before buying a Xiaomi mobile you should consider a number of features. Although for price and design are very similar. Each Xiaomi smartphone is aimed at a certain type of user.

How to find out if the Xiaomi we are looking at interests us? We hope that in this comparative guide we can solve most doubts. Here we leave the key aspects to choose correctly the Xiaomi mobile that best suits your needs.

Design and capacity

Design and screen: Xiaomi phones are not characterized by being very original in design. All bear a great resemblance and despite the different models and screen sizes. The measurements are practically the same. That said, an important factor to differentiate them is to see if they have an 18:9 or 16:9 format screen, the latter with larger frames.

Power and memory: In contrast to the previous point, the difference in performance between each other is important and one of the points that determine the price range. On the one hand, we must look at the processor. Normally models of the Qualcomm Snapdragon series. Here we have from the basic 425 to the newer models of the 600 series. In a related way, how much more RAM we have better. It is advisable to try to have at least 3GB if we want it to be minimally fluid in heavy tasks.

Storage: Another point that greatly influences the weight is storage. All Xiaomi have microSD. But the basic internal memory is a limiting factor that over the years is noticed more and more. We recommend at least 32GB.

Camera and system

Autonomy: We all want a cell phone with good battery, but to achieve it, it is not enough just to look at a larger number. Processor efficiency and screen size also count. Our advice is that you compare batteries whenever the screen is the same. Even so, Xiaomi terminals usually offer good autonomy results, even in the most basic models.

Photographic quality: Over the years, mobile cameras improve a lot. Beyond megapixels, we recommend looking at the opening of the rear camera. Although this data is not a valid reference in all cases. What usually happens is that newer models incorporate better cameras.

Support and operating system: If you buy Xiaomi mobile from an official store there will be no problems. But it is important to check that the device is not imported from China since then the software will change and we could have more compatibility problems. Xiaomi usually updates most of its mobiles, slowly, but ends up coming. Here the most powerful models have priority. Another issue is technical support, in case of doubt always choose an official store or at least be the model with the Global ROM.

Price: The key factor to get it right is the price. Xiaomi phones move in very similar ranges, so we recommend paying attention to the offers. 30 euros are usually enough to make a difference. Our advice? Compare prices between the version with more memory of a range and the basic model of the just superior range.

The best Xiaomi mobile in quality/price: the candidates

Xiaomi MobileTo choose the candidates for best Xiaomi mobile in quality/price we have opted for models around 150-200 euros. It is a range where we have multiple devices to choose from and offer the necessary quality so that the mobile is up to par in all sections.

In the first place, we have opted for the most economical models. Here we had to bet on a couple and we chose the Redmi 5, which has 18:9 screen and very good features for its low cost. And the Redmi Note 5A Prime, which allows us to compare it with the Redmi Note 5A and also test its front camera.

In second place we have a representative of the Redmi range from last year. We have chosen the Redmi Note 4, its most advanced model. And although it is noted that it has very good finishes and sufficient power, it also still has a somewhat higher price compared to the other models.

Finally, we have chosen the two most complete average ranges of Xiaomi that have a contained price. The Redmi 5 Plus and the Xiaomi Mi A1, two terminals that have finally become our recommended. And if we had to buy a Xiaomi mobile phone from someone in our family, it would surely be one of these two.


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