We have all been to a condition while waiting for an app to be updated to use that app. Because if we use the app while updating, it would suddenly crash and start updating which has a risk of data loss and unsaved work, as well as if you are on the low-speed network. Low speed makes it hard to determine the timing which will be taken to update the app, that might be right when we are using the app.

So, we are now blessed with an official announcement from Google for Android users in the recent Android Dev Summit. Google has announced a bunch of new features in Android, and the most prominent is the one we are talking about! The latest update is still in beta testing, but we might receive it soon!

Apart from that, we have another important feature which will be added, is going to help developers to notify users to update the app. As we know, there are a lot of apps which have bugs, and developers fix the bug, but only those who have auto-download enabled to receive it immediately. For others, they have to go to Google Play Store to check whether they have any update for the app or not.

To avoid this situation, Google will provide developers with an upper hand to show that a new update is available for the respective app. This will help developers solve any bug and give the latest update to all the users. I hope that this does not result in a spamming situation as all the developers might keep irritating users by nudging numerous times!


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