Midterms are approaching fast, and all the news seems to be centered around Midterm elections. Things in the news kicked off long ago, and the elections have all the heat right now. But you know what’s fantastic is that Apple is going to give you minute by minute coverage of midterms on November 6′ 2018. Apple News on the night of the election day will broadcast real-time election outcomes throughout the United States! Election news at Apple is slowly building momentum to reach the final culmination point on the 6th of this month.

If you browse through Apple news, you can see midterm news dominate the rest. There are articles on analysis, opinion pieces, highlights besides other midterm-related coverage. But this is the beginning of what I can call as a change in the face of Apple news. Therefore On November the 6th at 8 p.m. ET, the 2018 Midterm Election section will transform into a new Election Night page on Apple news. Highlights and news pieces from various organizations will be shown on the page. I am talking about the real-time coverage, live broadcasts, ball by ball commentary, breaking news from various publications.

Apple has got it all covered. It’s pertinent to mention here that Apple’s source of breaking news will be Associated Press, so you do not need to worry about coherence and authenticity. Such news will let people across the US make a self-assessment. You may yourself break down the House, Senate and Governor races for each state. Apple has assured us of every minute update on their website. Surely such kind of news reportage will change the way audiences perceive online news.

Before you think that’s all, there are more things that you can do. As the balance of power in the House / Senate is achieved, users will get to see a special alert at the top of their feed. Coming to the Apple platforms where such kind of news will be available. Apple has informed us that iPhone, iPad, and Mac will broadcast the news.

A premium brand like Apple when endorses midterm coverage in this way should reflect the kind of importance tech giants are attaching to elections and voting rights. Major tech platforms will do news broadcasts. Tech giants have time and again asked people to take their voting rights seriously and to come out and vote. The use of social media during elections is rampant, and celebrities have come out in huge numbers, urging people to vote.


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