Apple What’s New- iPad Pro With USB-C, MacBook Air Successor And Mac Mini

Apple is going to end 2018 with fantastic news. The Cupertino, California-based technology giant reportedly is going to unveil three brand new gadgets in the coming week. The all-new iPad Pro with USB Type-C, MacBook Air and a Mac Mini to top it all, are coming! MacBook Air successor, the 13-inch laptop is targetted to replace the MacBook Air.

This piece of news was leaked by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. For long we’ve heard such innovation rumors about Apple. It turns out they are true after all. Mark Gurman is a journalist of repute. Such confirmation coming from Mark’s mouth says a lot. I am more excited about the MacBook Air Successor TBH. Which one are you? Keep reading to know the details.

MacBook Air Successor: Features

Now guys keep in mind, we do not have an official confirmation whatsoever. So whatever I write is based upon reports that I have received. First off all MacBook Air will have a high resolution screen, the best in game. It is built to replace the existing MacBook Air. Replacement in what, one might ask. First of all, some say a better body design or something is in store for us. Others say that Successor will be a brand new redo of the MacBook. Again a 13 inch screen rumor is confirmed by Bloomberg. Reports keep coming. A processor upgrade for the 12-inch MacBook is in place too. We just aren’t sure about the things. We’ll find out with time.

Rumor has it that new iPad Pro models will be launched. They will come with edge-to-edge screens, a Face ID, etc.

Mac Mini: Features

Again without want reports of confirmation, we do not know anything for sure. There are reports that suggest that Mac Mini will feature an update this specifications this time. This is finally a good news as users of Mac Mini saw nothing since 2014! Mac Mini targets pro users. According to the reports, Mac Mini will get new processors and some other features. Next up, brand new iMacs and iMac Pros are gonna be announced too. Whatever the truth is, next week’s Apple event will clear up things for us.

iPad Pro: Features

Reports suggest that iPad Pro will have edge-to-edge screens. Lesser bezel space is the latest trend. So that’s gonna be a key for iPad Pro too. The design will be slimmer. Symmetrical bezels like the latest iPhones will take the lead. Finally the USB TYPE-C is coming as a charging standard to its iOS devices. Such a connector is for charging and syncing data. Only iPhone remains in Apple to use the Lightning connector.

Apple hasn’t changed the charging port on iOS since 2012. Face ID’s aren’t new news. But what we know is that they will enable Animojis along with the personalized variety known as Memojis. They will be available on iPads for the first time. This news is a major multi-range upgrade since 2017. More as we have it.

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