Apple’s Siri Lags Behind In Efficient Smart Home Technology

Google and Amazon have launched their efficient smart home technological hardware namely Home Hub and Alexa Voice respectively. Home Hub by Google is powered by their digital assistant while Amazon launched around 70 products that feature Alexa- the voice assistant. Alexa has made a good name for itself in the market, and Google’s Voice assistant isn’t any worse either. But what lags is the HomePod by Apple that is nowhere close to overtaking or even a competitor of Amazon or Google’s respective products.

Apple is the slowest player in the game as Amazon’s Alexa Echo speaker arrived back in 2014 and Google Home speaker came back in 2016. It was in last June that Siri-powered HomePod was announced by Apple with a December release date scheduled. But that didn’t happen, and instead, HomePod release shifted to February of 2018. Amazon and Google have worked continuously to develop their own Internet of Things with their wall clocks, high-end speakers, etc. coming up.

As far as launches by Apple are concerned, we heard about the new MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and iPad Pro. Apple may have finally decided to upgrade and revamp its signature products in years but unfortunately and to our disappointment, Siri didn’t figure in any of those.

Siri could use a few changes since it was last updated and hit the market. And Apple continues to overlook the very same fact despite not getting much of headway with HomePod. Smart home technology is the hot topic for current times, Amazon and Google have no plans of stopping what they are doing, and they are already leading the market. From what it appears on the outside, Apple has no plans of changing the status quo on Siri, not in the near future at least. Apple at the two big events held recently neither hinted nor spoke of any directional change in the future of its voice assistant- Siri. Simply put, Apple faces a threat in the long run for the future of Siri, it may as well box out!

Fact is that a tiny portion of the HomePod market has wiped off, yet digital forecasts say that Apple doesn’t face any sort of threat in the longer run. Apple may lag behind the other giants, but that’s that, according to them. I don’t see how that works! I mean, Apple has to take steps on a war footing given how smart home market is shaping. In the coming year, it could lose out a fortune if the same status quo is maintained with Siri.

And this doesn’t stop here; it has a spiraling effect. If Apple doesn’t do well with smart home technology, customers may be forced to move on to Amazon or Google. Solely due to the fact that products from the aforementioned tech giants will sync better with their respective phones and laptops. So inaction on behalf of Apple is least wanted and desired as of now.

From what reports suggest, it’s not too late to make a comeback. Many digital analysts say that Apple still has a world of possibilities and options with what it could do with Siri, but things need to move in action soon.

Written by Vibhav Pandey

I'm Vibhav Pandey, from Mumbai, India. Coming from an Engineering background and being a developer I have in-depth knowledge of Tech-World. I write about everything from microdevices to super-computer. You can connect with me on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter and email me at

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