iOS Update: iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Camera Fix Confirmed In The Next Update

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

We all know that iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max had concerning camera results. Many of YouTubers, as well as users, pointed out that the camera is not as per they expected. Many of the users stated that it lacks that crispiness or we can say sharpness technically.

All these comments were noticed by Apple, and they have found a solution to it. So, we will be talking about the same ahead! As we all know, iPhones have provided decent camera results throughout their existence, and that has always increased. But many people noticed a downgraded camera results in the new additions.

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

Many called it “Beautygate” as referring to Samsung’s beautification tool. But all of you do not have to worry much now, as we have confirmed the news that Apple is going to fix this issue. Apple representative told a private news agency that they had resolved the issue and they will roll out the fix in the upcoming update.

They have cited that this is happening due to a bug in smart HDR function which is softening the images. We are assured that a new fix in iOS 12.1 will improve the camera results of the new iPhones. So, those who were thinking not to buy the new iPhones due to this issue might be surely relieved.

All the extra smoothness will be eliminated with new rollout fix, and that will make the great phones even greater. The camera is a necessity right now, and that must have been a concern for so many users. But as we know, Apple is very sensitive to issues in their phones, as they charge premium prices, so they must provide the premium services too! Overall, this makes new iPhone deal more favorable!

Written by Jay Patel

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