MacBook Air And iPad Showcase Rivalry of USB-C And Thunderbolt At Apple

Either Apple should adopt USB 3.1 type C or Thunderbolt 3 to settle the mess once and for all. Over the months we heard rumors of how Apple is deciding to move away from lightning connectors to USB type C for everything. Finally, when the newest MacBook Air arrived, it didn’t come with a type C, although iPad Pro did. But before you think that’s all, the problem remains. See basically the problem lies inside of the slim chassis of the newest MacBook Air.

MacBook Air ports feature two ports which have a dual function. They work as both USB-C inputs and have Intel’s Thunderbolt to connect other hardware to the MacBook such HDD’s, Monitors, Printers, etc. Don’t know why Apple calls them Thunderbolt ports. Intel might be trying to make headway with Thunderbolt, but the fact remains that USB-C enjoys wider compatibility and is nearly as fast.

As far as iPad Pro goes, like I mentioned before it comes with a type C minus the Thunderbolt. While this move may be encouraged by outsiders in the industry, it showcases how Apple is a conflict when it comes to deciding between the two. iPad Pro without Thunderbolt proves that Apple is getting less serious about it and wants to adopt the USB-C.


This more my Apple is confusing to most people. Why are there two standards at the company and moreover does it presents some kind of conflict at apple? Thunderbolt was born out of the old Apple PC’s and thus has to be forsaken in the near future. It has no future in the market, and type C is the new industry standard.

On the other hand, Thunderbolt lets you connect to two different 4K UHD monitors at 60fps using a single Thunderbolt cable. It also means a higher capacity of performance than USB. Thunderbolt comes in handy for graphic designers, digital artists, videographer, photographers, etc. who deal with large amounts of data.

Thunderbolt 3 utilizes USB-C, and if Intel and Apple together work at lowering down the prices, things could go mainstream. Nevertheless, USB type C is present everywhere and is the industry standard, and so thunderbolt future is nothing but murky waters.

Written by Anhaar Ahmed

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