New iPad Pro And MacBook Air With Retina Display Announced By Apple

Apple has decided to give its products iPad Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini a major makeover, both regarding technology as well as style. This development comes after years of iPad, and the rest remain as they were. So after several years, Apple was prompted to change the face of its products. Just like the iPhone X, iPad Pro now drops the home button; MacBook Air successor has the face of company’s other 2018 laptops. Hence the previous MacBook air goes to the bin.

What Does The MacBook Air Upgrade Include?

In an eco friendly move, Apple claims that all new MacBook Airs will be made out of 100% recycled aluminum. The newest is called new MacBook Air. This MacBook has a far more sharper 13.3-inch Retina display which has more than 4 million pixels. Newest addition- USB type C Thunderbolt ports are a part of the MacBook family. Battery life of Air is 12 hours and that includes web browsing. 13 hours of iTunes movie watching are proudly boasted by Apple. You get a touch ID fingerprint sensor. It is affordable price wise, unlike previous MacBooks. Air also comes in different colors. Equally impressive is the fact that Apple has reduced the size of the MacBook Air. It is 17 % lesser than the original Air. It also boasts of of being a quarter-pound lighter. The new MacBook air starts at a price of $1199 and is available in various colors. Pre order yours now. Delivery will start from November 7th.

What Does The iPad Pro Upgrade Include?

Go ahead and take a hint, you guys! The new iPad Pro looks like a sheet of paper. It is half its previous size, as thin as a paper sheet. The newest iPad pro boasts of an edge to edge display design. It now has no home button or a fingerprint sensor. All this space comes in favor of thinner bezels around the edges. Guess the screen size on the new iPad Pro. It stands increased from 10.5 inches on the smaller iPad Pro to 11 inches. The larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro will see its screen real estate remain 12.9 inches.

MacBook Air
MacBook Pro

iPad Pro is has the mega A12 processor (8-core). Next, enter the modern age type C USB. Lightning connector on iPhones and iPads is now replaced with USB-C standard. It makes Apple products really available for universal use. One doesn’t need adapters anymore to connect various devices on an Apple. iPad Pro can also be used to charge your phones with the right kind of cables.

The iPad Pro also comes with a Pencil stylus. In terms of pricing, the 11-inch version starts at $799 and the 12.9-inch version starts at $999. You may pre order them now.

What Does The New Mac Mini Include?

You wouldn’t think that Apple would leave behind the Mac Mini. In terms of the upgrade, you may take a hint. Mini has quad-core processors with far more RAM. You will be able to configure it with a number of ports. Like the MacBook Pro, the new Mac Mini is made from 100% recycled aluminum. Mac Mini has 4 USB-C Thunderbolt ports, HDMI for displays, two older USB-A ports as well as option to add Ethernet.

Just like the other two models, Mac Mini has an Intel Core i3 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 128GB processor. The starting price is $799.

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