Watch OS 5.1 Software Update Suspended By Apple

Apple in the latest move has crippled the Watch OS 5.1 software update. This move comes in the light of a ton of reports on social media. Users of Apple watches complained that OS 5.1 updates bricked their watches. Therefore as a result of multiple complaints on Twitter and Reddit, Apple suspended the update for series 4 of Apple watches. The update carried a bug that caused an endless boot loop in series 4 of Apple. Alongside iOS 12.1, OS 5.1 was released by Apple.

iOS 5.1 had come to enhance the fall detection system in the first place. As users, you may know that the previous fall detection system only sent a recorded message to an emergency contact. The idea was that once OS 5.1 was in place, an advanced detection fall would swing into action. This would be followed by a recorded message to emergency services. Such a message would give away your location information/ coordinates. But customers complained of this update completely bricking their series 4.

Apple OS 5.1 Suspended
Apple Watch

What does audio message do in the first place?

Basically, in case you fall and are unable to speak, the audio message comes to action; but in this update, you had another option for if you fell. You could stop the recorded message and speak directly, as the series 4 watch is more health conscious; however, the update has crippled it entirely. Earlier Apple had made tall claims to do things by the end of the year.

One such claim was that Apple watch would be equipped with an electrocardiogram (ECG, also known as EKG). This functionality was promised before the end of 2018. However, nothing has happened since then, and the company hasn’t specified a date. The Apple Watch Series 4 starts at $399 (£399) for the standard model and $499 (£499) for the LTE model.

Given the current state of affairs with OS 5.1 upgrade, Apple was forced to pull the entire upgrade system. Such an upgrade only left watches with an apple logo (on screen) and frozen. Reports say that various attempts to restart the watches or connect them to an iPhone fail. Apple joins the latest series of companies to have an upgrade problem besides Microsoft. Let’s wait for Apple’s next move. More as Tech Glen has it.

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