Did Bobby Bones Make Biggest Upset In Dancing With The Stars’ History?

Bobby Bones Made Biggest Upset In Dancing With The Stars' History?

We have seen a lot of upsets in sports and reality shows, but some of them are hard to get away with. Dancing With The Stars’ last episode had quite a similar feeling. Everyone was amazed and shocked at the results as nobody thought that Bobby might be winning the show. He was the one who had the least odds of winning at the beginning, and here he is, taking that glittery trophy home alongside the prize money.

Bobby Bones himself admitted that he is still not a great dancer. He said, “I’m not here because of my scores, I am here because of my people.” He is undoubtedly right because he had opponents with greater dancing skills than him, but in the end, it was all about the people. Disney star Milo Manheim and actress Evanna Lynch were his rivals and in the top three.

Faces of Milo and Evanna described everything they felt, as this came as a surprise to almost everyone, and I would like to include Bobby himself in that list. Bobby never got more than eight throughout his journey in Dancing With The Stars, until the final episode where he was awarded a perfect 10 for his last performance on the show. So, nobody had a dream of Bobby winning, except his hardcore fans and loved ones.

Was that the biggest upset of 13-year life of Dancing With The Stars? Well, it seems like that to me, but it might be just for me! However, I have seen a lot of brawls on the internet over this issue, which justifies the disappointment amongst the fans!

Written by Jay Patel

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