Once Upon A Deadpool Release Date And Trailer

Hey, Deadpool fans! Once Upon A Deadpool trailer just dropped with Fred Savage as its half-face. The Once Upon A Deadpool is a re-release, watered down of the actual Deadpool 2 in a PG-13 format though and will see a brief theatrical release starting December 12 and ending December 24. This whole feat is a calculated charity endeavor; the tickets will go on sale only at $1 to the organization called “F*ck Cancer” earlier, now renamed as “Fudge Cancer” for the sake of PG-13 title of the movie.

Ryan Reynolds in a brief interview said that Fox was asking of a PG-13 version since 2006 and he’s been declining the same since 2006. So what made Ryan Reynolds agree to Fox’s proposition this year, you ask? Well basically Fox agreed to two of his conditions, first off the movie is PG-13 and second off, Ryan wanted Fred Savage in the main. Ryan kidnaps Fred Savage this time around, and hence that should explain the trailer.

As you may see, Fred Savage co-stars in Once Upon A Deadpool and you’d be surprised to know that the cast and crew shot all the new footage in a single day just to create a framing device of the “The Princess Bride” vibe. The movie besides Ryan and Fred also stars Kevin Arnold.

Many have described Once Upon A Deadpool as a litmus test by Fox, Disney, and Marvel to try and incorporate Deadpool into its larger cinematic universe. Once Upon A Deadpool is touted as more family-friendly, toned down version of Deadpool 2. Both Deadpool 1 and two are known to have incorporated crass language and adult graphics as a part of the humor. And this time, PG-13 repackaging of Deadpool 2 will ultimately decide how Marvel studios see Deadpool as an asset to the future of MCU.

The much hyped up Disney/Fox merger will happen in the early half of 2019 and Fox’s biggest assets till date might be Deadpool. So that should explain the antsy behavior of those working at Fox, Marvel or Disney. Once Upon A Deadpool opens in theatres on December 12 for a brief release.

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