One Piece 925: Rescue Luffy And Kidd

One Piece 925

One Piece Chapter 925 is just a week away. We did not get any One Piece spoilers this week, and this is mainly because One Piece is on break this week. One Piece creator usually follows a schedule where he releases four One Piece chapters and then takes a break, and this is the case this time.

This post contains spoilers from Wano Arc of One Piece, so careful, not to get spoiled if you haven’t caught up. Last week One Piece manga marked the ending of Act 1 of Wano, it was the beginning o the Wano Country arc, and Luffy meeting up with Zoro and other Strawhats. We were introduced to Eustass Kidd once again and he is still in jail, and front cell of Monkey D. Luffy.

So where do we go from here? Well, Luffy and Kid are both handcuffed with Sea Stone, so there’s nothing they can do other than wait. Wano Country act 2 will start next week, and this is where we will be seeing Luffy and Kidd being rescued from outside. It is totally possible that Kidd will ally with Trafalgar Law and Luffy. I believe the entire crew will decide to meet up and then formulate a plan to save their captain. Law will likely be leading the forces, and I think Shutenmaru might end up joining as well.

If you are planning to read the One Piece Manga online, we highly recommend you to use Viz’s official website; you will be able to read the manga for free while supporting the mangakas.

One Piece Chapter 925 will officially return on 26 November 2018. However, we will get the scans about 2-3 days earlier on 23 November 2018.

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