Wentworth Season 8 Release Date And Confirmation By Foxtel

Australian prison-drama Wentworth is up for Season 8, as per the fresh reports coming in from Foxtel. TV Tonight released the news announcement concerning the renewal of Foxtel drama Wentworth. Wentworth has been compared to Prison Break and OITNB many times, and in many aspects, the three are quite similar. A total of 80 episodes of Wentworth have been released to date, and it’s being said that Season 8 will have a total of 20 episodes. Therefore another 20 episodes in Season 8 of Wentworth will take the total episode count to 100.

Wentworth first debuted in 2013 and since then has built a success story for itself. For a brief period of time, the fate of Season 8 of Wentworth hung in the air. We all heard reports of how FOX Showcase series was going to be axed, and as a result, the fan went berserk. A top Wentworth cast member who chose to remain anonymous also confirmed in a press report that Wentworth was binned. Thus an online petition campaign was launched by fans of Wentworth that read “Save Wentworth,” and it sealed the deal! Now it looks like, Season 8 is going to be the next big thing for fans of the show.

Credit goes to CEO Chris Oliver-Taylor and fans of Wentworth for saving the drama. Wentworth is currently Australia’s longest running Prison drama with a total of 60 minutes as the running time. It also airs on Netflix as well as some 141 international territories.

Wentworth Season 8: Release Date

For now, Wentworth Season 8 confirmation should satiate you as fans of the show. But for those who want a word on when and where, please note that Wentworth will be released somewhere between 2020-2021. Given the fresh nature of Wentworth Season 8 renewal, it’s obvious that we won’t have an air date any time soon. However, we at Techglen aim to please. We’ll update this page as soon as we have a definite release date of Wentworth Season 8.

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