Leica’s M10-D: Release, Review, And Features

Leica’s recently announced its addition to the M10 family. For starters, you must be told that M10-D is a camera without an LED screen. So that means you will in no way get to view the photos that you took. It also means that you cannot view the camera control changes! Leica’s introduced the M10-P earlier in 2018. An early review tells you that M10-P and M10-D are almost similar. In terms of the built, like the black body, etc., they are the same. It is just the touch screen that’s missing from M10-D that makes all the difference. You may not get why Leica’s has decided entirely do away with a screen. I mean, it’s the most important thing on a camera now!

If you are looking to review, retouch or even alter the settings on your camera, Leica’s M10-D comes with a WiFi sensor tech to do so. A Leica FOTOS app lets you transfer images on the go and review them. FOTOS app comes on both Android and iPhone platforms. It also lets you download the photos for sharing and as a remote send signal to the camera. The M10-D is quiet frankly not vastly different from the M10 if it wasn’t for this bizarre feature. And you may be surprised to know that this isn’t the first Leica’s camera to come without an LED screen.

Leica’s M10-D: Built

What does M10-D do with all the space it has saved? In place of an LCD screen, you see a black knob for turning on the camera and for WiFi connectivity. There’s also a circular dial placed to adjust exposure compensation. M10-D operates on battery power. At the top of the camera is a pseudo lever that looks like it is meant to advance the film and cock the shutter. In another attempt to give M10-D a vintage look, it comes with an original leather wrap. Previous cameras in M10 series came with polyurethane wraps. The color of the wrap remains the same, black. M10-D comes with dials to adjust the shutter speed and ISO. Overall it has a sturdy built and is easy to grip.

Leica’s M10-D: Features

According to Leica’s the absence of LED screens is meant to minimize the distractions that they produce. The distractions or the “chimping” is a constant review of images and is looked down upon today. Amongst the Leica’s cameras, M10-D is the first one which comes with in-built Wi-Fi connectivity. The FOTOS app is smooth as hell; you don’t even require a laptop. Just use to phone to connect and edit images on the go! However, you can’t leave the WiFi on at all times, since M10-D is battery powered. Establishing a connection first isn’t as easy, it takes time. So the option of taking a photo and editing or viewing it isn’t practical. But I guess that’s the appeal.

My take on Leica’s M10-D is that it is an attempt to bring back the old. By old I mean the vintage glam old. Leica’s wanted it to be a film camera from the 80’s, so I guess it is.

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