What’s Does Samsung Have In Mind For The Foldable Phone

Ahead of the launch of most revolutionary mobile technology, Samsung the tech giant needs to ensure that the ‘foldable phone’ stays in the market. The foldable smartphone that is created by Samsung will, therefore, rely on a bunch of things besides the foldable technology gimmick. Royole FlexPai will be the first of its kind foldable smartphone that’s releasing this December; it comes from the house of a really very small start-up company.

Royole FlexPai

Foldable smartphones are touted to be the next big leap in the field of mobile phone technology this year. Because let’s face it, minor upgradation in camera, smaller or no bezels etc. is all that we are seeing over the years now. We all could use a little change and what could be a better change than foldable display that brings in with itself a technological revolution.

Regarding Samsung’s progress on its smartphone, the smartphone is currently in works, Samsung has set plans to ready the products in the coming year, i.e. 2019. What we know from the annual developer conference is that the screen on the said foldable phone is going to be small which will then open up to a bigger tablet-like screen. The response generated at the initial unveiling of the idea at annual developer conference has been so far nothing but positive.

When it comes to technology, there’s always room for innovation of any kind really, so that’s exactly what’s happening. D.J. Koh, head of Samsung’s mobile business said that their foldable phones should be meaningful to the customer once they come out. In other words, Samsung wants the foldable technology to become the next big thing, deliver more and more and also provide a user-friendly experience.

With Google’s recent announcement of being all game to foldable android devices, the sky is the limit for Samsung now. Last week Dave Burke, Google’s Android vice president of engineering was already waiting for tech developers to manufacture their foldable devices. And think of the scope that foldable technology could have. You can do so much with the whole concept of it; wearable technology could be foldable, it could lead to a better gaming experience in terms of the bigger screen, etc. More screen space simply means better screen space and better utilization of the said space in that one doesn’t have to switch screens now and then.

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