Google Drive Manual Backup Option Now Available

Google Drive Manual Backup Option

Android users know how it’s important to have an extra option to store their data, as it’s not advisable to rely on primary storage for having a backup of important files. Thankfully, Google Drive comes into rescue but, despite being a great option, there is still one thing missing which is the manual control over the process.

Google Drive New Manual Backup Option:

Users can create a backup of their important data on Google Drive only when the device is connected to Wifi and on the charging mode but, thankfully, Google has decided to put a stop to this process and hence has decided to give the users manual control over the process.

According to various reports, Google has already started rolling out this option, and it will be available on all Android devices regardless of its age. This is a great move considering the fact that connecting to Wifi and having to have your phone on the charging mode can be a hassle sometimes and if by any changes the charging port gets damaged then, it will be practically impossible for the users to initiate the process.

This manual option gives the users full control and the data can be backed up anytime whenever the need arises. It was brought up on Twitter by a user named Alex Kruger as he mentioned that he noticed that option which states ‘Back up now,’ on his Pixel 2 and an old device, ‘Droid Turbo.’

9To5Google’s Kyle Bradshaw also reported that all of the devices that were tested by them has also received the option which lets the user have a backup of their data manually, and it was also mentioned on Google’s support page.

In there it is clearly mentioned that users with a device running on Android 8.1 or lower can now manually have a backup on Google drive.

Hit settings options on your device.
Then navigate System-> Advanced-> Backup-> Back up now-> Continue.

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