LG’s New Patent Reveals 16-Lens Camera Setup

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When people buy a smartphone, one of the main key points to note often lands on the camera and the setup. Smartphones are really on the path to be the ultimate friend, and to exterminate the dependency on high-quality DSLRs for taking the perfect shot and the technology is getting better with each new day passing. There was a time when single camera setup uses to rule smartphones but, now technology has been defying all common sense and logic when it comes to the camera.

Dual-camera setup came into existence and just when we thought we couldn’t get anything better, three, four, five camera setups came into action. Samsung Galaxy A9 boasts its quad-camera setup while LG V40 ThinkQ has its own 5-camera setup which is insane and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 is rumored to support 6-lens setup but, is it really the ending point for camera setups??

LG’s New 16-Lens Camera Setup:

LG’s 16 Lens Camera Patent

The answer to this simple question is simply no, and LG is going to surpass all imagination as the South Korean giant filed a patent to provide 16-camera support for its next-gen devices. Yes, that’s right, according to US patent 10,135,963 awarded on November 20th, LG is working on its new 16 lens camera setup in which the lenses will be arranged in a 4×4 matrix, and it will provide the user the freedom to capture multiperspective shots.

An illustrative demonstration is available according to which users will have the liberty to choose the best shot taken from various angles. Also, various other shots will be captured, and the AI will work to find the best position in order to replace the head with the best shot.

LG is also planning for selfie lovers and is planning to pair the selfie camera with mirrors, and as it suggests, the main camera will capture sharper images than the front one. 3D capturing is also an option and according to the patent, it seems that the device will have loudspeakers both on its front and rear side.

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