OnePlus 6T: Thunder Purple Enters The Market – Price And Photos

The latest update on OnePlus 6T entertains those of you who are looking for more quirky colors on the phone. And FYI, you may now buy OnePlus 6T in color Thunder Purple color. We all are over the usual blacks, greys, silvers, blues, etc. And if you find the conventional colors in phones are way too boring for your taste, you have an option! As for OnePlus, they are available in “Mirror Black” and “Midnight Black.” OnePlus CEO and founder Pete Lau called the broad color range of 6T as “like a thunderstorm on a summer night.”

Pete mentioned that designers at OnePlus conducted intensive light experiments to see what colors would be liked by people more. He called it a stunning color scheme and one that’s never seen before.

Besides the color on the phone, nothing is different. It’s pretty much the same OnePlus 6T, minus the color. It’s available for 579/£529 (about AU$817 converted) and you may choose from two 8GB RAM/ 128GB storage capacities. The better part about OnePlus 6T is its unreliable fast speed, world-class camera, in-display fingerprint sensor, almost no bezels, tiny bit of a notch and a larger screen display of course. It also has a 3.5mm headphone jack instead of audio over USB-C.

The OnePlus 6T is comparable to the Pixel 3 flagship phone by Google and is available for a far better, lesser price.

You may order your OnePlus 6T from EE, with pieces starting at £39 per month and an additional £50 upfront fee. It offers unlimited UK minutes, unlimited texts and a 1GB data allowance. In the US, OnePlus 6T is available exclusively through T-mobile network.

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