Samsung’s S10 Rumored To Come In 5G

The Galaxy range by Samsung will have an additional member in the family now. If you look at Samsung’s current range of models, it looks like Samsung is copying Apple. Samsung is unveiling three models now with Galaxy S10 range. The 5g version we hear is only going to come out in the United States first. Besides the 5g rumor, Samsung is also planning to remove the headphone jack on S10, though only in a prototype.

Samsung, however, does plan to remove the headphone jack altogether like for example in Apple. It remains to be known how fans will take it. Because apparently there are Samsung loyalists who would hate the absence of headphone jack on Samsung. With the Note 10, one had predicted such a move but not with an S10.

Samsung S10
Samsung S10

Samsung Galaxy S10: Specs

Samsung S10 will retain the body size. It will be same 5.8 inch in size, like the previous S9. It’ll have triple cameras on the back and a front camera under the screen (our reportage comes from Bloomberg). Samsung is in talks with Verizon to launch the S10 in the States with a 5G-capable chipset. Samsung S10 will have an OLED screen. It will be curved on both sides and it will have rounded corners.

The absence of bezels isn’t a new thing for new phone launches now. At the top or bottom, S10 will have none of those. Bloomberg reports that S10 will come with a fingerprint sensor. Again there will be a trip release, an expensive plus version and a cheaper standard version that comes without the dual-curve edge screen or a fingerprint sensor for that matter. A 5g phone brings Samsung in direct competition with Huawei as the later is planning to bring a Huawei 5g phone into the market too. The release date on S10 is unreported as of now. S10 is still in works and we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Where Is Samsung With The Foldable Display Phone?

Earlier reports suggested that it would come out in November. But that is unlikely to happen. Again the delay takes place due to rumors on a foldable display. The difficulty for Samsung lies in choosing between a horizontal or a vertical phone. The foldable phone is rumored to be called “winner” at Samsung as per various reports.

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