Technology is right now all about the internet, and internet speed is the main influential factor in the same discussion. To improve the data speed, all the nations are working on 5G connectivity, which might not just be about the faster internet, but it has the potential to bring a lot of new technological advancements.

To stay in the market, smartphone makers are also racing to launch their first 5G-enabled smartphones. However, Apple seems to be on a safe side and might want to see what others are doing. The market is heating up, and smartphone makers are ready to launch their 5G phones as soon as next year. A report has suggested that Apple is going to release its 5G phone in 2020.

Noticeably, The FCC permitted Apple to experiment with 5G technology in the previous year. I think that Apple might have started working on 5G a long way before we thought, but they are trying to be more specific about what they want to make and when they want to deliver.

A report has also suggested that Apple is planning to use Intel’s 8161 5G modem chip. There are technical issues around for Apple, but they are working to have a backup from MediaTek if Intel chipset plan does not work.


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