Amazon Ready To Provide Alexa To All Bluetooth Headphone Makers

Amazon Ready To Provide Alexa To All Bluetooth Headphone Makers

Amazon is expanding the reach of Alexa by making it open for all the developers and making it available to all the wireless headphone manufacturers. Alexa was just an assistant from Amazon as it was available on Amazon fire stick and its wireless speaker. But now Amazon has found Amazon has found another way to make Alexa more popular by providing Alexa voice assistant to all the wireless headphone, headsets and wearables.

The program was announced by Amazon back in January now the SDK is opening up, so it is very much easy for Amazon to carry on their plans. Alexa can be a very useful tool for those who exercise using hands-free devices. Alexa can do things on-the-go for those who are doing their exercise. The SDK already supported wireless devices from Bose, Jabra, and Sony. However, Amazon is planning to provide hits Alexa to all the wireless device manufacturers and developers.

If the feature is available, then users can communicate with wireless devices using their phone’s Alexa app without requiring the device makers to make anything equivalent to Alexa’s abilities or an App. Qualcomm recently made a wireless headphone, or we can say a smart headset with Alexa reference design to explain things in a better way for manufacturers. If you are a developer, then you can use Qualcomm $299 reference design prototype to start working on the mobile accessory kit now. So, we might see some of the new wireless devices running on Alexa in CES 2019.

Written by Jay Patel

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