Amazon Returns To Australia With International Sites

Amazon finally reverted from its decision to block international sites in Australia. As we know, due to the new GST legislation, Amazon decided not to ship any of the products to Australia. If Australian users would try to reach Amazon’s global website, it redirected them to Amazon’s Australian website. Their main problem was the recent implementation of 10 percent tax on imports, which was being collected by retailers.

However, everything seems to be sorted now as Amazon is making its global store available for Australian citizens. Amazon said, “As a result of customer feedback, from 22 November Amazon customers will be able to ship eligible items from to Australian delivery addresses.”

Amazon said that it is working on the complex infrastructure needed to enable exports of minimal value goods to Australia and still adhering to GST laws. The legislation from Australia was to aid smaller and medium businesses against the top-tier e-commerce giants which are selling products from online retailers based outside Australia. But Amazon has decided to come back to the Australian market, and it is at the good time of Black Friday.

Black Friday will encourage Australian citizens to buy products from its global store. Above all, there is still a catch left for Australian purchasers. A news agency reported that products from third-party sellers will still not be available for Australia, and only products officially from Amazon will be available!

Written by Jay Patel

Hey guys, my name is Jay, and I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession but a technical geek by passion. I live in Vadodara, India and I have been writing on tech for over two years now. If I don't look at at least ten new technological advancements a day, my day does not complete. You can contact me at

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