Apple and Samsung Heavily Penalized for Slowing Phones With Updates

Samsung and Apple, the two biggest cellphone market contributors and rivals were fined together for slowing down their mobile phone after each new update. They had their arguments, but The Italian Competition Authority or AGCM had their clear agenda to find them.

It was seen that both the mobile phone giants were alleged for slowing old phones down in order to get more sales of their new devices. However, both the companies have refused to admit that, saying that it was never their intention.

Late in the last year, Apple accepted that its new iOS updates were slowing old phones down. But they said that it was due to the battery issue, as high performance would lead to increased battery consumption. We all know, Apple phones have always lacked the battery performance. They acknowledged the fact, and they even started battery replacements for as cheap as $29, which is available till 31 December.

Apple and Samsung were fined for 5 million euros (roughly $5.7 million) each for slowing their phones down. It was stated that they were knowingly providing updates which were impractical to be installed on the older devices. AGCM also said that the companies were giving updates which “significantly reduced” the performance of the old phones.

Furthermore, Apple was even fined for another 5 million euros, accused of failing to provide required guidance to keep the battery performance maintained for the phone. So, it was a major blow to the flagship companies in the cell phone market.

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