Apple’s New Patent Hints Reversible Headphones

As we know, Apple has been working on a headphone, but it has been in reports and has been told by sources. But now we have come to know that Apple has recently filed a new patent, which is already granted, which is about a concept of reversible headphones.

Reversible headphones simply mean that users will not have to check whether they are wearing the headphone on the right side, a headphone will automatically sense the ear and play audio accordingly. The patent is titled “System and method for automatic right-left ear detection for headphones.”

It would interesting to see how quick Apple completes the work on their latest accessory, which might change the way we use headphones. We still have nothing more than just the patent title, which makes it hard to presume anything. However, the patent describes a lot of things, including the fact that the headphones will detect ear using five microphones provided on each side.

The headphone will also feature high-end noise cancellation using several microphones. It will detect the voice of the user and will cancel out all the background noise to provide the best microphone experience. So, if this patent is for developing a headphone, then Apple has invented an unprecedented technology!

Written by Jay Patel

Hey guys, my name is Jay, and I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession but a technical geek by passion. I live in Vadodara, India and I have been writing on tech for over two years now. If I don't look at at least ten new technological advancements a day, my day does not complete. You can contact me at

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