Apple has introduced face ID to facilitate a better and faster unlocking experience as well as better security. It seems to be an essential feature nowadays as all the phones have Face ID. However, Apple has decided to go on a step further and improve their face ID camera system. A new report has suggested that Apple will bring the latest update in Face ID in their 2019 iPhones.

It ultimately means that the next batch of iPhones will have a better Face ID, as I do not expect any iPhone launch in the rest of this year. A report suggests that Apple will work on a new sensor which will improve lightening of the face and it will also sense overexposure and will recognize the face accordingly.

Apple's Upcoming Batch Of iPhones Might Equip With Improved Face ID
Apple Face ID

The report also hints that Apple might also work on another range-sensing system operating with a Time of Flight 3D camera in the upcoming 2019 or 2020 iPads (maybe in 2020 iPhones too). The new sensor will have the technology which can capture 3D images. The system could also be utilized for augmented reality functions or for capturing a 3D image.

Face ID was introduced with iPhone X last year, and it uses a whopping number of 30,000 infrared dots to map a face. Users found that the Face ID feature works great in all the condition, but it was more accurate in mixed or brighter exposure. So, a little bit improvement will make the Face ID feature perfect.


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