ASUS Zen AiO 27 Specifications And Price

Zen AiO 27

In this post, we are going to talk about Asus’ new desktop Zen AiO 27 coupled with a wireless charging dock. The computer itself is very attracting, but I know you all might be wondering what does AiO stand for? It means All in One, and this computer completely satisfies that tag. Overall, it is a computer, just having a screen and everything packed on the screen, CPU too! So, let’s get started with further information!

As we all know, computers consume a lot of space, and sometimes it becomes too bulky. Moreover, to accommodate a computer, users must buy a specialized table to fit everything. But Asus has tried to make everything compact. Although Zen AiO 27 is a desktop, it takes way less space than any other desktop because it just has a screen and nothing else.

Zen AiO 27

Furthermore, the monitor can be operated with touch as it is touchscreen! So, no need of Keyboard or Mouse, and CPU is built into the system. We all know that this is not the first desktop with this kind of build. But still, there is one more thing that differs Asus’ AiO 27 from other touchscreen desktops. Asus AiO 27 has a wireless 7.5W Qi charger provided at the base of the monitor, which facilitates easy charging of all the enabled devices.

If you think that this computer is just for flaunting about its wireless charging, then it is not so! The computer is a powerful PC, having 16 GB of DDR4 ram and Intel i7-8700T 8th generation processor. Not just that, the PC is packed with a high-performance Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics processor. It also has a storage capacity of 2 TB SATA HDD and 1 TB PCIe SSD combined.

So, this is all the information available about the computer. The computer is available to purchase at the price of US$1999. Take a look at an official video from ASUS below!

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