California Net Neutrality Law: FFC Steps In To Delay The Vote

The net neutrality bill pending in the state of California received a further setback. FCC struck a deal with the state of California to delay the enforcement of Net Neutrality Bill. The Bill is being backed by Senator Scott Wiener. The state of California was to go ahead with Net Neutrality enforcement law in the year 2019. The delay owes to changes in Federal rules which took place last year. The California administration would like to wait till Courts resolve issues that arose by Federal Communications Commission move last year. The delay has been heralded as a victory for the Federal Communications Commission. Chairman Ajit Pai seems particularly elated by the delay news.

Net Neutrality Law enforcement officers wanted the law to be applicable asap. But that didn’t happen. So according to Ajit, it busts the myth that such laws need to be applied with immediate force. The Honorable Attorney General wants that the DC Circuit appeal should resolve in the Court of law at earliest. Only later that will pave for the Net Neutrality law. California Senator Scott Wiener is content with such a decision and is comfortable enough to let this DC Circuit appeal to resolve first. He knows only then Net Neutrality Law will love forward and that’s fine by him. Weiner wants to have a strong Net Neutrality system in place in the State of California.

Federal Communications Commission Order 2017

The Federal Communications Commissions rule passed in the December of 2017, rolled back 2015’s Open Internet Order in the State of California. The FCC’s December rule also includes a preemption clause that clearly prohibits states from passing their own net neutrality bills into law. This very preemptive rule is the bone of contention. In the previous Court ruling, FCC’s preemption language had no authority over state’s rights to implement their own legislation.

Net Neutrality Law California

Ajit Pai stands for a competitive market-based framework. Differential pricing according to him protects Internet openness, investment, and innovation nationwide. But this development wasn’t at all unexpected in forecasts. Harold Feld at Public Knowledge, an expert in Communication laws, expected such an announcement by Attorney General. Harold said that FCC’s Net Neutrality order could only be challenged in the D.C. circuit at any point in time. So now DV circuit will decide everything. Net Neutrality laws were to go into force from January 1st of 2019.

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