Chrome Will Replace Microsoft Edge As The Default Rendering Engine For Windows 10

Chrome Will Replace Microsoft Edge As Default Rendering Engine

Microsoft is finally pushing themselves to make Google’s Chrome as their default browser as well as the default rendering engine. Microsoft has been cornered for its Internet Explorer for a long time, as it was not good enough to cope up with the other available browser which is performing exceptionally well. Also, Microsoft has been notifying users not to use Chrome in Windows, and they even removed Chrome installer from Windows Store.

It was said that Chrome violated the policies of the Windows Store, but we can see that Microsoft did not want its rival browser to get all the attention. Microsoft then removed its Internet Explorer and substituted it with its new Edge browser. It was an effort to modernize the browsing experience and made it look more attractive than its predecessor. However, it was also reported several times due to its lack of compatibility and other issues, which caused Microsoft to finally change their mind.

Microsoft has started working with Google to build an ARM-powered Windows operating system. Chrome is the most popular browser across all the formats, thanks to Android’s popularity and Google’s increased efforts to make it better. Microsoft’s Chrome adaptation as the default browser will end the enmity towards Chrome. Overall, we will be getting a better experience which was not present previously on the PCs.

Written by Jay Patel

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