‘Disney+’ Is Disney’s New Streaming Service

Disney +

The news we all been waiting for, a mega-giant Netflix competitor is finally launching soon. As fans knew Disney was building its on-demand streaming services like Netflix, HBO-Go, and others. We finally have a name for it. Disney’s new streaming service is called Disney+

Disney’s official twitter handle reported this upcoming mega-service and announced its official launch year. Disney’s CEO Bob Iger unveiled the name on Thursday. Bob also announced that the service commences operation in United States Of America in Late 2019.

Disney Company has been planning its streaming service since 2017, as Disney ended its multi-year contract with Netflix pulling all of its content off the streaming giant. The reason behind this was simple as Disney wanted to move its Disney classics, Pixar movies, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Star Wars films to its very own streaming platform.

Disney+ will start its service in “late” 2019 — which makes sense, as that’s right around the time Disney’s common contractual bonds with Netflix conclude.

If Disney plans to grow into European markets, the corporation will have to guarantee that its content offering meets new encumbrances from European law. That means unique content for international foreign countries could be on the way, but it won’t happen for quite some time. As Disney’s acquisition of Fox is expected to be completed in 2019.

Disney Streaming Service

Disney+, the company’s standalone streaming service, will launch with an assortment of high-profile original series. Along with a backlog of Disney original content. As of which Disney also hinted to drop news about two new series:

An untitled live-action Star Wars series about Rogue One’s Cassian Andor, along with Diego Luna returning for the role. It is set to take place before Rogue One. This, of course, is in addition to The Mandalorian, the series Jon Favreau is making for the service. With this we would also have an unnamed live-action Marvel universe series is focusing on Loki, and we will see Tom Hiddleston will return to the role.

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