The social network giant Facebook recently pulled down an advertisement that allegedly violated its policy and rules against “sensational content.” People heavily criticized the ad across all sections of society. Might I tell you that the anti-immigration advertisement had caused controversy from the very beginning? This controversial content marks the beginning of President Donal Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign. Facebook wasn’t the first media outlet to deem the advertisement as ‘Racist’ though.

Trump Immigration Ad
Trump Immigration Ad

Major news platforms such as CNN, NBC, and Fox News straight out refused to run the particular immigration advertisement on similar grounds. At this point description of this 30-second long immigration-related advertisement becomes important. How it begins is that it showcases the story of Luis Bracamontes who was an undocumented immigrant. He was convicted of the murder of two California sheriff’s deputies back in 2014. And so this paints the whole immigration in a very wrong way as it attempts to suggest that Bracamontes’ crimes could be repeated by migrant caravan making its way from Mexico to the US border.

Facebook as an alibi for rejecting the ad stated that it violates their advertising policy against sensational content. But at the same time may I remind you that the video is allowed to be broadcast on Facebook, it still is there if you are interested, but it won’t get any paid distribution what so ever from Facebook. Facebook as one of the leading social media giants, has set higher standards for advertisements to be posted on it. The social network giant rejects ads that are shocking, sensational, disrespectful or excessively violent content.

The advertisement was meant to target voters in midterm in states such as Florida and Arizona, ahead of the US midterm elections. The migrant caravan must be stopped, said president Trump besides making it clear that America couldn’t allow such an invasion. The advertisement according to Trump is meant to ensure the safety of US borders and people. For those of you looking to watch, the advertisement exists on President Trump’s official Facebook page and Trump’s 2020 election campaign manager’s page.


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