Facebook Eliminates Iran-Linked Profiles and Pages Having Huge Following

Facebook Eliminates Iran-Linked Profiles and Pages Having Huge Following

Iranian influence campaign has been taking all the attention recently, and they have done something that nobody could appreciate. Voters are the main pillar of any democracy, and when they are biased by any outer influence, then it may be detrimental for the nation. Iranian influence has been being imposed on social media users of respective countries to control the elections.

Midterm elections in the US was noticeably the biggest attraction for them, and they were trying everything to influence it. But this time, Facebook and other online platforms were more careful, and they continue to be. To take care of the same, Facebook recently closed down 82 pages, groups, and profiles who were believed to be spreading misguiding information.

They were accused of influencing the US and sometimes the UK citizens during the election period. All the social media portals are very much aware of the fact that midterm elections can be affected if this misguiding information is not eliminated.

Facebook officially announced that they removed 30 pages, alongside 33 Facebook profiles. Furthermore, they even found 16 new accounts on Instagram. These were noted of spending a little less than $100 on advertising. If you think that how can these pages influence voters, then let me tell you, one of the pages had 1 million followers. That is a huge number of people when it comes to voting influence.

They are not just influencing the elections; they even tried to administer issues related to race or immigration policies. This might lead to a chaotic national situation. So, they are very dangerous when it comes to a country, as it takes away people’s choosing power.

Written by Jay Patel

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