in Faces Backlash By Tech Companies In Wake Of Pittsburgh Shootings

Major tech giants such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft have taken all the possible steps to remove Gab from their respective engines. This comes in the wake of unfortunate events that took place in Pittsburgh. The synagogue mass killing that happened in the United States is the deadliest killing to have ever occurred against the Jewish community on US soil.

GoDaddy took the domain down which means that is longer a functional website on the internet. user Robert Bower hosted anti-Semitic messages and slurs on this website just a couple of hours before Pittsburgh shooting happened. GoDaddy alleges that has violated terms of contract. Now gab is trying to find a new domain of the host. Gab on its website claims that it is “under an attack.”

In the name of protecting free speech and internet freedom, posted violent, outrageous, anti-Semitic racial slurs time and again on its website that only encouraged violence. In short, gab was a neo-Nazi group. At the same time, gab has no plans to stop with the exercise of spewing racial hatred. It is being said that gab is looking for a domain host and promises to be back soon. Gab asks its regulars to remember to speak freely. PayPal and Stripe become the latest companies to stop offering services to Gab.

Gab calls it a conspiracy by the “Big Tech” to remove it from the internet on itsTwitter. Gab continues to voice its opinion over Twitter thus making Twitter an exclusive company to continue its support to gab. By talking about the “Big Tech” gab has given an impetus to the conspiracy theories.

Pittsburgh Shootings And Gab:

It was over that the Pittsburgh suspect unleashed his hatred for the Semitic community. The man namely Robert Bowers’s expressed full anti-Semitic rage over before entering a synagogue and mass shooting people. It is being reported that he posted an anti-Semitic message on the extremist, far-right website which said something like, “Screw your Optics. I am going in.” Thus Robert Bower in a way takes full responsibility for the attacks and bring far-right internet corners like into the limelight.

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