Google Announced $25 Million Worth Grants In New AI Challenge

Google Announced $25 Million Worth Grants In New AI Challenge

Google is committed to helping all the needy people who can be technologically helped. Google has always been taking a step towards humanity and this is another occasion. Google said that it wants to aid people who are trying to do positive things with artificial intelligence. Although there is debate over whether we should be on the artificial intelligence side or not, Google has cleared its stand.

Google recently announced a new challenge for non-profit cause and is determined to help universities and organizations having proficiency in AI projects. More importantly, they have announced that they will help those projects which are being invented to benefit society. The grants will be provided via a contest which is called the AI Global Impact Challenge.

Contrastingly, Google is committed to devoting $25 million in grants through the same challenge. Noticeably, the challenge is part of a novel Google initiative which is named “AI for Social Good.” Google has announced that the program is supposed to help resolve huge, pressing issues, like problems around calamity relief, environmental conservation, or human trafficking.

Contest winners will also get the opportunity to use Google’s technical resources and supports, and they will have an expert appointed to help them out with their projects. The application process will start on Monday and Google will supposedly announce the winners next spring at Google’s own function, which is an annual I/O developer conference.

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