Google Assistant Devices Can Now Control Roku And TVs

As we know, Google smart speakers are doing a lot of things we never could even imagine. This trend has been leading the technological race, and all the major technology companies are making smart speakers. But Google has made a huge leap, as its speakers with Google Assistant are now even controlling other company products too.

Alright, I will not confuse it more, I am talking about Roku streamers and televisions. Google Assistant can now control all the Rokus in the house, which is listening to Google Assistant. This is like asking Google to do our simple tasks, like changing a channel or even selecting a particular genre to watch on Roku.

Here are the major commands which can be used to control Roku via Google Assistant!

  • “Hey Google, launch the Roku channel on Roku.”
  • “Hey Google, show me comedies on Roku.”
  • “Hey Google, pause my Roku.”

These commands seem like fun, but these actually work! Not just that, if you are using Roku TV, Google Assistant can even turn it on or off. Even volume and input methods can be changed using Google speakers, which is amazing!

Now we have bad news for you, as Netflix is still not controllable with Google Assistant to control on Roku TV. I mean that you cannot ask Google Assistant to make Roku TV launch Netflix, or maybe any other third party application, or it will have less controllability. We still have no confirmation about whether Alexa will have similar controls or not. It was even asked Roku representatives, who were clueless about it.

Written by Sohel Moldharia

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