Google Invested In New AI System

Google AI and ML

Tech giant Google is all set on its new yet not so new adventure to develop and invest in AI. Recently Google made an exceptional investment in a Japanese startup company ABEJA which is a Machine Learning and AI-based company, although the investment amount is yet undisclosed.

Some reports have estimated the investment to be around ~$8 million as ABEJA confirmed that it has now raised JPY 6 billion that is $53 million from investors. According to reports from CrunchBase ABEJA has raised $45 million in disclosed capital. Leaving behind only $8 million as unaccounted and undisclosed

The company recently made a statement mentioning collaborating with Google on ML and AI solutions for retail and manufacturing, along with other major cause as it will broadly and significantly increase advancement of AI and ML in Japanese industries.This startup firm is aimed to provide ‘core platform as a service’ which uses ML to accommodate 150+ companies develop business analysis and insight from their Big-Data piles.

Managing Director of Google Cloud Japan mentioned in an interview that,

“ABEJA has strong technical capabilities and ML expertise, and is respected across the industry for its track record of collaboration and the effective deployment of its tech solutions; This investment paves the way for collaboration with ABEJA in innovative solutions in the retail and manufacturing sector, as well as other verticals.”

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