Google Is Discontinuing Its Nearby Notifications Feature

Google Nearby Notifications Will Be Eliminated in a Week

Google is reportedly discontinuing its Nearby Notifications feature by the end of this year. They have been receiving a lot of complaints mentioning that the users were experiencing a lot of spam. It was meant to be a user-friendly information guide, but the case could not be like that. All the marketers and local businesses targeted the service which was exhausting for users.

Google Nearby used to send a notification when the user has a nearby location which is added in the database. A ping with a beacon would be the sign of it. But soon, people were getting a lot of notifications as all the businesses and ventures were on the platform which led to a spamming experience.

Google’s objective when they first launched the service was to “provide useful information proactively.” They had also provided a few examples such as it can notify users of any nearby Free WiFi or some other sort of informative details such as museums. More importantly, it can even guide users about the bus timings!

Google had a very positive attitude when they launched, and they were pretty much confident that this service would be hit. However, their ambitions were too much to ask from a market full of advertisers. People were deliberately trying to find out a way to stop Nearby Notifications. All the suffering users hit the Google Forums to complain and asked for a solution.

Contrastingly, Google said that they would remove this feature by 6 December 2018! A relief to those who bore this since 2015!

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