Google Maps Will Let You Follow Retailers For Offers And Events

Google Maps Will Let You Follow Retailers For Offers, Events

Google has been helping people managing their day-to-day life since it has started working in other fields rather than just being a search engine. Google has provided a whole new experience in Google Maps by adding several features and keeping it updated in regular intervals. Now, Google is even taking a step ahead, as it will now let you follow any of your favorite retailer or business.

You might be wondering how would that help us? Well, you will receive updates whenever the followed businesses have any offers or events or maybe any kind of information that they would like to make their customers aware. For example, if they are going to have an unusual off, they can notify their followers so that they know about it.

More importantly, if your favorite restaurant will have a new dish to offer which might interest their customers, they can send a notification to their followers too; this is a win-win situation for both sides.

Also, the new update will let you see business before they even inaugurate. Which means, you will now know that which new business is going to hit your town, or maybe you will know what the construction is about!

So, when is this update coming? The following feature will be available for Android in a few weeks. But we still do not have information about iOS update.

Written by Jay Patel

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