Google On Monday Rerouted Through Russia, China, And Nigeria

On Monday Google outage pushed traffic through ISPs in countries that are known to do internet surveillance. This outage and slowdown by Google was brief and caused traffic to be pushed through three countries namely Russia, China, and Nigeria. The outage incident occurred at Google between 1:00 p.m. and 2:23 p.m. The three operators through which Google’s traffic got pushed are Russian network operator TransTelekom, China Telecom, and Nigerian provider MainOne.

An Internet research group called ThousandEyes reported that this outage incident did major damage and caused a huge denial of service to G Suite and Google Search, briefly. And in the long run, it fed valuable information directly in servers of counties such as Russia that is known for surveillance and suspicious activities over the Internet.

The problem was caused by MainOne as the Lagos-based provider conducted an update that incorrectly declared its system to be the proper path for millions of Google IP addresses. MainOne in a tweet called it an error due to an upgrade in the system due to misconfiguration of the BGP filters. held MainOne responsible on Twitter as it stated that MainOne leaked 212 Google prefixes to China telecom which in turn causes traffic to be redirected and dropped. MainOne, on the other hand, said that the error was corrected within the first 74 minutes and processes were put in place to avoid such a scenario again.

The affected search engine Google listed that the outage incident was caused due to incorrect IP address routing and had been resolved. Google also promised that it would conduct an internal investigation for the same. Google spokesperson claimed that the route of the cause was external and not internal and that there was no compromise at the search engine. YouTube users were affected (as reported by 9to5Google) due to the slowdown. But Google maintained that the slowdown only affected G Suit and Google Drive.

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