Google Rolls Out ‘.new’ Shortcut For Making G Suite Files

G Suite Files Now Be Created With ".new" Shortcut

Finally, a welcome move from Google for those who use Google Suite apps. I know it has not done any major modification, but still, it will help a lot of people who use Google Suite apps on a daily basis. This will save a little time for those who have enough other work to do.

The new update will roll out a shortcut in which users can now quickly create Google Doc or Sheet by just using a keyword along with the domain “.new.” You can directly put the keyword and domain in the browser address bar, and Google will let you create a new file whether it is a Google Doc or Sheet or any other Google Suite thing.

Before this update, users had to click on “new,” and then they could work on a new file. So, this update will surely help users save some seconds. Now, let’s go through with some of the extensions. First of all, if you want to make a document file, you can use,,

Furthermore, if you want to create a new Sheet, you can use a,, or simply Similarly, you can create a new form by writing,; and sites by,, or in the browser URL bar.

These shortcuts have been made a life by Google. Users can use these shortcuts on any browser!

Written by Jay Patel

Hey guys, my name is Jay, and I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession but a technical geek by passion. I live in Vadodara, India and I have been writing on tech for over two years now. If I don't look at at least ten new technological advancements a day, my day does not complete. You can contact me at

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