Google Search History Is Now Easy To Clear

Google Search History Is Now Easy To Clear

Google always record all the activities we do across any Google service. Be it searching on Google app or watching any video on YouTube. Everything is saved, and it does not manifest until we do it. Contrastingly, clearing browser history will remove all the browser activity, but the search keywords will be recorded on Google database.

Whenever you again search on Google with the same Google login, they will still pop up. More importantly, people did not take time to clear that data as it was in Google settings. Many of the users would not even know that they could remove their search history or maybe they are unaware of how to do it.

However, Google has taken a step toward the privacy of users and has made an effort to simplify the way people use Google. Now users will be able to review and delete their recent search history from Google search. As we know, users have to go in settings to eliminate such history, but the new update will facilitate the action from the search window.

More importantly, we now have control over whether we want Google to save our search history or not. Moreover, users can have access to manage activities like disabling ad personalization. This means that people will now be aware of what control do they have over their popular Google services.

These changes have been already implemented by Google on web version as well as new updates coming for iOS and Android platforms. Google has also assured to provide these features for Google Maps and other services soon to make privacy controls simpler.

Written by Jay Patel

Hey guys, my name is Jay, and I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession but a technical geek by passion. I live in Vadodara, India and I have been writing on tech for over two years now. If I don't look at at least ten new technological advancements a day, my day does not complete. You can contact me at

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