Google’s Pixel phones have been stealing the attention of mobile phone geeks since the series was started. Pixel phones have evolved from the first version, and we are now having Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Recently, users complained that their latest Pixel phones are having RAM management issues and that is causing sudden app crashes. Google has also recently acknowledged that they are aware of the RAM management issue is Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

Google has assured users that they will surely release a fix along with a software update. However, they have not provided any specific date or software version in which the fix will be delivered. As we know, November update was recently released but does not contain that fix. Pixel fans might be disappointed to hear that, but Google will surely bring out an update with the much-awaited fix.

Google informed a private news agency that they might release the fix in the forthcoming weeks, but that is just a tentative plan. They have also assured that their new update will fix all the app crash issues and it will prevent background apps from closing themselves.

The RAM issue was seen arising when users were using multiple apps, and it mostly happened when users were using camera along with another app. For example, Google Pixel 3 XL’s artificial intelligence-powered camera along with Spotify led to force stopping Spotify to free up enough RAM for the camera. 4 GB of RAM is a decent amount, but the app crash feels like there is undoubtedly bad management of RAM happening in Google’s flagship devices!


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