Henry Cavill As The Witcher’s Geralt

Henry Cavill will now star in something that is going to be so different from what he’s known for. Cavill most known his portrayal of Superman will star as Witcher’s Geralt. Henry Cavill in the debut photo is seen as a white-haired man. The photo was tweeted by Netflix US and talked about the first look of Cavill as The Witcher. Netflix has hired Cavill to star in the first such adaptation of the same. For those of you unaware, The Witcher is based upon novels by the same name. It traces the adventures of a monster named Geralt of Riveria. There’s also a video game of the same name which based on the same theme as well.

Netflix’s Version Of The Witcher:

Credit for adaptation of The Witcher goes to Lauren Schmidt. She’s adapting Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy novels for the digital streaming service; the premise of the game/ novel is rather a dark one. In the Witcher monster hunters known as witchers fight supernatural beings. These monster hunters are helped by special powers and body modifications.

Cavill’s first look was teased just today on Twitter. He looks pretty convincing I’d say. Henry Cavill’s wig is a tad peculiar. We need more information and details on the same; it appears to be a little different than what we see in the artworks. Cavill isn’t the only one cast, you know; besides Cavill, Freya Allan Ciri, Anya Chalotra as Yennefer and Anna Shaffer as Triss. These characters are iconic in the book.

Cavill’s casting was announced back in September of 2018. Shooting begins for The Witcher from November onwards. The Shooting location Hungary will serve a perfect place for such an adaptation. Netflix in digital adaptation plans to take slants both from the book as well as games. I think we can trust Lauren to do a great job with the adaptation. Lauren Schmidt Hissrich is known for Marvel’s Daredevil and Umbrella Academy. She’s a highly acclaimed storyteller who I am sure will do wonders with The Witcher.

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