Be prepared to be awed by what Hubble Telescope at NASA has captured; you may be as well up for debate as to what it is. Is it a smiling face? Is it some sort of a space creature staring at us, we don’t know but what we do know is the objects in the Galaxy form some amazing patterns, undecipherable and undecided. As for this photo, some people have decided to call it a cosmic bat shadow, while others call it crossbones nebula, descriptions are really varied on this object of mystery. Is it a constellation of stars? You cannot rule out that possibility any which way, either.

Smiling face in the space

At best you can go with the possibility of formation of galaxies if you look closely into the pattern. The two dots appear to be eyes, and the nebulous streak below appears to be someone sort of a mouth, thus giving this object smiling face hint. NASA’s site on this Friday showed the smiley face pattern described above, and it awed one and all! NASA didn’t confuse us while describing the galaxy at all; it described the lower part, the arc-shaped as a gravitationally lensed galaxy in appearance and characteristics on studying it.

So what’s with the smiley face, you may ask? Taken from Hubble Space Telescope’s Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3), NASA in a brief explanatory note said that this very galaxy’s light passed near a massive object en route to us and thus it became distorted. So this nebulous pattern that looks like a mouth is actually stretched out of shape. About the location bit, this smiley face is located in the Galaxy cluster galaxy cluster SDSS J0952+3434.

Hubble mission traces and studies the birth of stars and this very imagery is a testament to the same. All thanks to the HD WFC3 that took this photo and let scientists trace locations of star formations, their regions, etc. Scientists at NASA can thus better study, analyze, describe these cluster formations through the stunning space photos and delve further into the mysteries of the Universe.


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