In a U-turn technology leader, Apple has asked its production companies Pegatron and Foxconn to stop iPhone XR production for now. Both Pegatron and Foxconn are Taiwanese companies that act as major assemblers for products of Apple since long. The fresh reports say that Apple has informed both the companies to cancel the said specific production orders placed on iPhone XR. The reports also suggest that iPhone XR didn’t churn out much demand from audiences as other iPhones did. So Apple was forced to halt production lines for what is the cheapest of iPhones till date.

The story came to us all the way from Japan as a major local newspaper suggested that Foxconn was asked to prepare 60 assembly lines at first for Apple’s iPhone XR. The figure, unfortunately, has gown down from 60 to 45 production lines due to slow demand. In other words, it means that the production in figures is to go down to 100,000 fewer iPhone XRs for now. It is interesting to know that Apple boasted of the same screen size, same camera, etc. on the iPhone XR as that in the iPhone X.

Similar reports have come from Pegatron, of production capacity being far low than usual on the XRs. However, another company from Taiwan Wistron has been asked to prepare for rush orders to defeat the current demand. But Wistron has been asked to completely halt the production of XR orders during the upcoming holiday season in the US.

Apple sales have slowed down during this quarter of the financial year as you may have heard, the Cupertino California based company hasn’t made the kind of profit as market analysts would have expected it to. Apple will also no longer detail unit sales for iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. The high price on iPad and MacBook might be stated as reasons for the drop in sales for them, but the loss of sales on XR perplexes industry analysts.


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